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Campo Baeza is a famous Spanish architect born in 1946 , who started his career as an architecture professor .He has achieved several prizes such as «The gold medal of architecture» in 2019

Now, im going to introduct you his architecture. Campo Baeza is not interested in construction, for him, the most important thing is how he plays with space, geometry and simplicity.

That’s why I have chosen this building. Its name is El Tecuan and it was built only 3 years ago, between January and July of 2019 and is located in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s a project designed by Campo Baeza and Rene Perez and it has a 3200 squared metres surface.

It has been built with a cultural objective ; being used as a theatre or exposition centre and this building represents the quality of the projects of this architect. (2)

El Tecuan

SPACE : Campo Baeza pretends camouflaging this building into the scenery playing with shapes and colours so he can confuse spectators minds, taking them to think it’s a rock in the sea. In this case, the material used for this building is the same as the rock the structure is in. For  instance everything seems integrated. As we can see on the picture, this building is quite big as I have mentioned before.

GEOMETRY: Regarding the geometry of the building, we can see it is a flat rectangle with several squares that act like empty windows letting the light in illuminate all the space with natural light.

SIMPLICITY: As we can see in the photos, Campo Baeza stands out for his simplicity. Inside of the building, we can appreciate an empty space all painted in white so it gives a diaphanous sensation.

Well, now, we can see some drafts of this building made by Campo Baeza during the process.

As we can see, this is an exterior draft where we can appreciate the main idea of this project.

  • To close this presentation, I will like to express some thoughts that have come to my mind while I was working on this.

With this building that I have chose we were able to understand how is its architecture and that sometimes the most important in a project can be the way of playing with space or the geometry of the building