PA.6 Architecture and art

TITLE » Playtime «
DIRECTOR Jacques Tati
GENRE Adventure
DATE 23 december 1968
CHARACTERS Jacques Tati – Hublot Senior
Barbara Dennek – Barbara
Jacqueline Lecomte – Barbara friend
Valérie Camille – secretary
France Rumilly – seller
Laure Paillette – streetlight lady
«Playtime» is a 1967 French comedy film directed by Jacques Tati. The film follows the misadventures of Mr. Hulot, a bumbling and charming character created by Tati, as he tries to navigate modern life in Paris. The film is known for its critique of contemporary urban architecture and technology, as well as its elaborate set pieces and use of slapstick humor. The film takes place in an imaginary city that resembles a futuristic version of Paris, where Hulot finds himself in various situations involving misunderstandings and miscommunications in an environment filled with new technology and architecture.


ARCHITECTURE in relation with THE FILM

In the movie, Tati depicts modernism’s problematic impact on the city and the way in which people interact within it.

The movie’s carefully considered environment shows characteristics of the modernist movement at that time: repetition and regularity (the result of industrialisation) are represented from the smallest objects in the interiors to the larger scale of the city’s urban plan. Enjoy this great movie and let us know your thoughts about Tati’s take on modernism.

Famous scene of the film


A film full of comic details, a great heir to silent cinema and a technical prodigy in its visual architecture. Its virtues are invaluable in a single projection.

The film is praised for its inventive and visually stunning set pieces, its witty critique of modern society, and its charming portrayal of the character of Mr. Hulot. Many fans of the film appreciate its clever humor and timeless themes, as well as Tati’s unique and innovative filmmaking style. Additionally, the film is considered to be a pioneering work in the genre of modernist cinema, and is regarded as a seminal influence on many subsequent filmmakers.

As I said before, this film is linked very strongly with architecture. We can see in a lot of scenes that the shape and design of some structures are very interesting.

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