PA.1 My environment

STEP 1: The experience of the environment.

Q.1: Why did you choose this place?

I have chosen this place called Cap de Creus located in Costa Brava due to is an special place where my family used to go since I was 5 years old, so it reminds me to my chilhood.

Q.2: What do you think makes you be at ease?

As I said in the previous question, that place makes me travel in time and I feel like I’m spending time with my cousins and my grandparents in the restaurant which is up to the mountain.

Q.3: Is there any disruptive element?

Unfortunately yes, when you are on the top of the ”mountain”, the wind blows very strong and it can be very annoying, but it is only in one specific zone on the mountain ( which curiously is the zone from which the best photos can come out )

Q.4: Do you think you’d feel the same way in another place right now?

No, and I checked it last year when my family and I came to Cap de Creus on the night, and the feeling was so incredible that made you think about the life.

Q.5: Do you think that the particular conditions of this space may influence its occupants? How?

Yes because as you can see in the photos it is an spectacular place with the combination of mountains and scenically beaches that makes you feel like in the paradise. And as I said in the previous questions, this place can make you reflect about something that maybe worries you.

Q.6: Would you change anything?

Yes, but only the way to access due to it is a little bit remote and you found a lot of cars trying to park near the restaurant.

Video which show you a little bit more about this place.

STEP 2 : The experience through the texts.

“A building is like a human’s body”, this way of thinking was promoted by a famous Swiss architect called Peter Zumthor. The principal idea of this theory was based on comparing any building and his respective architect, with a body and his respective person or soul.

Firstly, he said that a building is like a body because they are a simple structure who has what it takes to stand, but only for that. So that, they will need a ”soul”, considering like the architect, who has the duty that its simple structure works.

Thinking about it and although at first listening that a building is like a human body seems silly, after reading the reflection of Peter Zumthor, you start thinking like him and understand that architecture is not just a simple job. Because when you design and construct one building, that building is a representation of the personality and the identity of the architect who has built it.