As an architecture student who is starting training as an architect, while I was doing this blog during the course and the presentations, I learn a lot of things and also I have changed the view of seeing architects and structures.

Architecture considers the functional, aesthetic, and cultural aspects of a building while taking into account its impact on the environment and the people who will occupy it. Architecture plays a crucial role in shaping our cities, towns, and communities and reflects the values, beliefs, and aspirations of a society. A good architecture strives to create spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. Reflecting on architecture can lead to a better understanding of the role it plays in shaping our world and how it can be used to create better spaces for people to live, work, and play in.

Finally, I want to sum up with a conversation that I had with my father (architect) about why Le Corbusiee was so famous.

He show me a famous church of Le Corbusier made a long years ago. It was so simple and modern, which made me think that it was a structure made relatively recently.
But no, later he showed me other photos of different houses built at the same time and I couldn’t believe it. That church was by Corbusier, and it was incredible to think that at that time there were already people who seemed to predict the future, since it was very similar to the structures of today.
After thinking about this case, I asked him: and now that all the structures are similar, which is the one that will stand out and in the future will be inspired by it?
To which he replied. We live, unfortunately, in quite bad times for architecture, since in all aspects of life, what drives people is the image. It is a stage where people move because of what they see, how easy, how fast…
This can be compared to for example reading. Before, people read a lot, it was something essential, with the advent of technology it became less and less since apps like facebook, instagram appeared… but that is already being left behind, because what leads people, like I have said before, it is the image, the fleeting, what does not «bores» you instantly…