U.1 What is architecture?

  • An art where the personality of an architect can be expressed 
  • The fusion between art , science and technology 
  • The process of creating and building an idea
  • To design and express ideas to create unique buildings 
  • Creating a useful space
  • To develop a project from an idea 
  • The organization of the spaces we inhabit 
  • Light 
  • Innovation 
  • Heritage – culture
  • Urbanism
  • History – evolution 
  • Composition 
  • Sustainability
  • Service
  • Landscape
  • Technology 
  • Monument
  • Masterpiece
  • Identity
  • Interdisciplinary 

Musical architecture , each room is thought of depending on the type of music that is going to be played there . 

Combine new and existing elements 

As Franc Aleu said ,” architecture can be an art , as it appears from the most unexpected spaces .”

Architecture is the way to see and feel  things , depending on who , it can be everything or nothing . 

How it begins?

From a need or problem to a change .

It is not an utopian event , it is linked to the place .