U.2 Who is the architect?

The architect is an important figure for society because he not only shapes the urban landscape, but also designs new spaces that meet our needs and adapt to changes in our lifestyle. This professional is in charge of projecting, designing and directing the construction or maintenance of buildings, developments, urban structures and cities to give life to welcoming, functional and sustainable spaces that improve the quality of life of the people who use or inhabit them.

What does an architect do in his job?

  • Determine the objectives of the project
    The architect is in charge of starting the project, whether it is a new work or a remodeling, defining the objectives and requirements of the same. He contributes his technical and creative vision seeking a balance between the client’s needs, functional aspects, urban regulations, the quality of the work and the environmental impact. In fact, it can also advise on the choice of the ideal place to build based on a study of the environment and analyze the feasibility of the project.

  • Design the project plans among the functions of the architect is the design of the project. At first he makes different sketches to present his ideas to the client and then he is in charge of drawing up the design plans with all the particularities and demands of the project. You must specify the nature and quality of the materials to be used in the work, taking into account an infinite number of factors, from the climatic conditions of the area where it will be built to the architectural style, sustainability and the budget available.